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It’s happening! My long-harbored dream of teaching in Africa is on the horizon!! It starts this summer as I head to Zambia for two weeks of reading with kids with a three-day health clinic therein. After that, it’s off to Togo for several weeks of elementary school work! What an incredible amount of opportunity God has provided me for this year, and I’m having a tough time waiting patiently for the summer to start.

In addition to the tons of prayer that I would love you to send up on my behalf when you think of it, any contribution to the trip would be a great help. In case anyone has heard otherwise, they charge you money for plane tickets. For those who are interested, I have gifts available as a thank you for your gifts! A $20 or more donation and I’ll send you a pendant with a silhouette of the African continent or personalized with a word or initials. Just comment with a request and I’ll hop to it!

Thank you all for your support — every prayer, penny and thought help so much.  The link below will take you to the easiest way to donate; please be sure to write my name in the Comment section!  

            NOTE: North Park is hoping to receive all support funds by May 1.

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If you would like a scarf, comment with your preferred color after a donation of $50 or more and I'll get started on it!!

If you would like a scarf like this one, comment with your preferred color after a donation of $50 or more and I’ll get started on it!!

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