Docendo Discimus and Terrific T-shirts

Docendo discimus–By teaching, we learn.  This phrase has meant a lot to me as of late.  Teaching and learning have an obvious connection and inter-dependency; they teach we learn, we teach they learn.  Beyond that obvious aspect, however, is the valuable exchange in reverse.  When we invest in others we in turn are invested in–by teaching, we learn.  It would be a ridiculous claim for me to say that I will be only serving and giving on this trip.  In fact, I hope to learn from the experience perhaps to a greater degree than I teach and serve–to listen to what God, the kids, and my fellow teammates can teach and show me.

These t-shirts that the superb Kimberly (my sister) made are a way to support my trip with a smaller commitment, and they also can serve as a reminder and encouragement of the value of pouring into others and letting that experience–and those others–affect you back.



Docendo Discimus–it is by teaching that we learn